Sending and Using the Dkey value for Order Download

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Sending and Using the Dkey value for Order Download

Postby Danscan » Wed Mar 15, 2023 6:47 pm

I am in the process of creating an order download function to process orders in an order management system. I am able to download information and see some payment information for an order but most fields only list the value of "locked" (<FullName>Locked</FullName>).
I know that my signature process and grabbing orders is correct.
  • I tried adding the dkey value the one that begins with "-----BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY-----"
  • I have this value saved to a Database Column and it includes the formatting (line breaks). I can copy and paste the field to another text file and see it matches the original version in the text file.
  • I added the dkey value to the macdigest in alphabetical order to the other parameters (between the dbname and pay).
  • I added it to the requestbody parameters. (&dkey=)

When I submit the request I get
Code: Select all
  "error" : "access_denied",
  "error_description" : "client and server signatures do not match"

I am using c#. I am not reading this value from a file but from a database column, but it seems to maintain all the file formatting.
Does this feature still work? Is there any information that will come through that will help with processing a payment in the order management system?
Is the OrderProcessingInfo have enough info to charge an account later.
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