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By With Prime Button

Postby peteuga » Mon May 08, 2023 11:00 am

I am trying to install a "Buy with Prime" button in our store. Has anyone done this before? I actually got the button to show once but it did not work. We posted the code at the top of the "More Info Page Text" section.

We also tried the code with and without this button checked
"Append the Option SKU to the Product SKU"

Code: Select all

<!-- Beginning of Buy With Prime Widget -->
<script async fetchpriority='high' src=''></script>
    data-site-id="hidden for this forum"
    data-widget-id="hidden for this forum"
<!-- End of Buy With Prime Widget -->

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Re: By With Prime Button

Postby loren_d_c » Thu May 11, 2023 2:38 pm

Did you replace 'product.sku' with the product's actual SKU? My understanding is that they use the SKU to match that product up with one of your products listed on Amazon, and if it's not in Amazon the button doesn't show. So it's important to put the right SKU there.

If you were going to put the code in a custom more info page template instead (so you didn't have to manually add it to each product's More Info Page Text), then you would replace 'product.sku' with the ShopSite template tag that will output the product's SKU, which is [-- PRODUCT.SKU --].

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