Paypal and NoFraud not communicating properly

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Paypal and NoFraud not communicating properly

Postby VinceS » Thu Jun 20, 2024 9:07 am


PayPal Commerce is our gateway and we use NoFraud. We have always had our Order Transaction Type in the PayPal configuration set at "Authorize and Capture (Sale)". This has been like that for years. It has always been my understanding that PayPal first Authorizes the transaction, then sends the transaction info to NoFraud and NoFraud returns a Pass Fail response. PayPal is then supposed charge or decline the transaction depending on the NoFraud response.

That is no longer the case.

We have had two transactions in the past two days that PayPal has Authorized and completed (Captured) the transaction FIRST. Then when NoFraud returned a Fail response, PayPal immediately issues a refund. We never see an order. The customer never receives an order confirmation, yet the he sees his card has been charged. The customer then contacts us to inquire about his order and we tell we never received it but he's getting a refund. He is legitimately skeptical. This also makes us look like we are conning people and triggers chargebacks. We get bad posts on social media and on, and on, and on....... PayPal also collects all their transaction fees, of course. So far alone in the last two days we've had two orders totaling over $4000 for which we've paid fees for.

We have reconfigured the Payment type to "Authorize Only" which hopefully will eliminate the issue but adds another step to our order processing.
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Re: Paypal and NoFraud not communicating properly

Postby ShopSite David » Wed Jun 26, 2024 2:02 pm

We are sorry you have encountered a problem using ShopSite, NoFraud, and PayPal Commerce with Authorize and Capture (Sale). This is a new API integration between NoFraud and ShopSite. NoFraud retired the old interface that we were using. Hopefully, the Authorize first method and then Capture later resolves the issue with PayPal always collecting fees from the Authorize and Capture method when issuing a void/refund. If you can confirm that PayPal will not charge a fee if you Authorize and then Void the sale before capturing the order we can see if we can code that into ShopSite's integration with PayPal Commerce and NoFraud.
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