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Power Edit "Arrange Items"

Postby gourmetdelights » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:54 pm

I'd like to be able to "Power Edit" and then arrange just page links.

ALL my pages have the same menu bar (links to other pages) on the left side. They are NOT in alphabetical order.

Now I want a new page, or 2, or 3. I copy a current page, I "Include Page links and Assigned Products". If I could Power Edit I would just choose the new page, and all my current pages, add the new page so it is part of the menu bar on every page, move the new page ONCE to its location for all pages, and save. I would now not only get all the "links to page" but also the exact ordering of pages, including the newly added pages.

As it stands now, when I try to "Power Edit" and "Arrange Items" I get links AND products. Since each page has different products I now need to go and manually move the new page into its appropriate place on the menu bar.

IF I could Power Edit all my pages at once, and arrange just the links (not in alphabetical order but in the order I've already chosen for all my other pages), that would save me a ton of time. So far I'm unable to figure out if this can be done, or if not can it be considered for the next update.

"Pages Sort Field" doesn't seem to what I'm looking for, unless alphabetical is my choice of ordering the links. But it is the right idea it seems.

I am using ShopSite® Pro 12 sp1 r4.0.1

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