ShopSite 14 - Just a few glitches I need help with

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ShopSite 14 - Just a few glitches I need help with

Postby degcolosimo » Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:53 pm

I could not find any of my issues through searching, so I am posting for some help.

I currently upgraded to ShopSite Pro 14 ... loving it so far. Just a few glitches that need fixing.
Using the theme District.

#1) On all of the " More Info" pages, the "Add To Cart" button isn't responding.
I have tested this in Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox on my desktop and smartphone (galaxy).
The Page listing and Cross Sell "Add to Cart" buttons are working fine.
Is there any way I can fix this bug myself or is this a tech support issue?

#2) I am testing Inventory Tracking (ShopSite's Inventory Tracking - nothing custom) on items that I am currently out of stock and have some problems here too.
• Out of Stock (nor is In Stock) is not displaying on the item.
• when the out of stock item is placed in the cart, the "Cannot Order" or "Now out of Stock" messages not coming up in the cart. I proceed to check out (as far as I go) and still no notification.

#3) For the carousel images on the shop index page, the responsiveness for mobile and pad device is great, but on the desktop, the carousel images continue to grow with the window size... which can get HUGE! Is there a way that I can put a width limit that would affect the carousel images that won't screw up the responsiveness?
The header logo will eventually stop once it meets its page width (1200px) and I would like the same for the carousel.

#4) Gift Certificates: I see there is a long list of Gift Certificate Templates under configuration ... can anyone tell me where I might be able to see what these templates look like?

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Re: ShopSite 14 - Just a few glitches I need help with

Postby ShopSite David » Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:58 am

I believe you've been corresponding directly with us and the add to cart issue has been addressed with some template changes. I just thought I'd let other's know that if you have subproducts on the more-info page in the District Theme, then the add to cart would not work. The template fix will be in that next maintenance release - 14.0 r1 or greater.
-David H.
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