Can't Access Hosting Service Screen - Clear Browser Cache

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Can't Access Hosting Service Screen - Clear Browser Cache

Postby MorrisWood » Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:31 am

I can log into Shopsite, get the orders and access all other screens that I tried but when I click "Hosting Service" it goes back to the ShopSite login screen. My login is set to Admin.
Currently we have Shopsite V12 (Upgrading to V14 today, hopefully...)
Anyone had this problem?

Was using FireFox but tried it in Chrome and was able to load the Hosting Service Screen.
Did not try clearing the FireFox cache first. My co-worker could not access it either so I had him clear his cache and he can access it now.
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Re: Can't Access Hosting Service Screen - Clear Browser Cach

Postby cyoung » Tue Oct 06, 2020 11:35 am

Glad to hear you have it working again. I was going to say it could be a caching problem. If you had at some point previously clicked on the Hosting Service link and gotten redirected to the login screen (because they had exceeded the login time, or someone else logged in as that user from a different browser, etc), then the browser could have cached that redirect as the action to take when going to that URL.

You should always try clearing your browser cache and/or trying a different browser.

If it still happens the same from a different browser, then I would expect something similar with caching on the server-side, for example if you are using something like Cloudflare and it saved the redirect to it's cache. If that's happening then that is harder to resolve, but you can ask your host and/or cloudflare not to cache anything in the backoffice directory or shopping cart directory, those screens are dynamic and should always be able to show the user the latest information, not cached information.
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