Page Link Below Second Page Text Field

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Page Link Below Second Page Text Field

Postby peteuga » Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:57 am

ShopSite>Pages>Edit Page Content

On my site, and all others I assume, page links appear below Text 1: in the Page Text Fields section of ShopSite>Pages>Edit Page Content. This works good for me.

However, I would like another page link to appear below Text 2: Is this possible through some setting? I don't know code.
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Re: Page Link Below Second Page Text Field

Postby cyoung » Thu Jun 17, 2021 1:38 pm

In ShopSite the theme/templates determine where on the page specific information is going to appear. The default location for page links is usually just below the text 1 field. The Page link information is created under the page it points to (Pages> Edit Page Content> Link Info> and then is assigned through Pages> select the page you are adding links to, Assign Items> Pages> Proceed>) This would be the built in ShopSite managed page link option.

Another option would be to use the [Editor] link at the top of any of your text fields, including text 2:, to access the html editor. On the tool bar there is the option to Insert a link, you would just need to know the URL to the page you want the link to point to.
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