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tracking referrals in sales emails

Postby Rodney Blackwell » Thu Jun 16, 2005 11:35 am

with Miva, I had this neat little mod that was a simple JavaScript referrer
tracker that I could put on all pages of my site and all pages of my
shopping cart.

What it would do is trap how the person got to my page and then store that
info (somewhere) and when that person checked out of my shopping cart, it
included the original referrer in the order notification email.

It was a great way to see at a glance where the sales are coming from
(Google referrer, news story, or random link on a website). It showed:

User tracking
When enabled, detailed information about the user will be attached to the
notification. The information contains:

a.. Callerid - 32 characters unique user ID as stored on the users PC in a
b.. IP - customer's IP address, or the IP address of a proxy server he
c.. Host - customer's host domain name (if DNS lookups enabled in your
Empresa configuration) or its IP address. May be used to recognize the
location or country of the user.
d.. Ident - identification string in the case you require authorization
through Apache on your website (usually will be blank)
e.. Agent - identification string of the browser containing usually also
the OS version
f.. Accept - list of accepted MIME types; may serve to see what software
is installed on clients machine
g.. Charset - accepted character sets; may be used to recognize users with
foreign character sets
h.. Language - user's language preferences; may help to see user's
When you have properly installed the optional referrer tracking with the
help of the script, included in the MmHTML installation package,
also the referrer information appears here:

a.. Referer - external referrer URL including the query string
b.. Entry - the URL of the page on your website through which the visitor
c.. Enter ed - the time of the entrance

Has anybody seen a similar module for shopsite?

Any programmers lurking around here that could write one :)
Rodney Blackwell

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