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Re: GlobalShopex DONT BUY WITH THEM!!!!

Postby csmekek » Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:44 pm

I bought a wetsuit from TYR and the only way to ship internationally is via globalshopex. I simply don't understand the reason companies like TYR still hire them. It was by far my worst online experience.

I ordered in the TYR website and at the moment of purchase they tell you the order will be handled by globalshopex. Immediately after the purchase, I was charged on my credit card and received an e-mail confirming the order with a link to track it.

After a week nothing was updated, I tried contacting them by phone and e-mail. After my e-mail was sent I received an automatic reply saying it takes them 2 days to answer... 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!! (I hope I can do that with my customers). After 2 days, there was no answer at all, so I contacted TYR and they told me there was nothing they could do and that globalsopex hadn't ordered them anything. That afternoon I was charged AGAIN on my credit card fortunately I receive an SMS from the bank every time a charge is made, so I contacted the bank, and rejected the 2nd transaction.

I contacted TYR and globalshopex on a daily basis and NEVER got an answer back from globalshopex. Only once I received an e-mail with a letter that said it took them 2 weeks to ship the items. It took them 3!!!! and of course, never answered.

Worst of all is that the size I ordered was too small and I had to return it... Sadly The only way to get a refund is... using globalshopex. After 25 phone calls they finally answered and sent me the information and formats I had to fill. I sent them the package via DHL. The day they received the package, I sent them another e-mail and called them (again, took me more than 20 calls to get an answer) with the information of who received the package.

It took them 2 entire weeks, were of course, I contacted TYR and send e-mails to globalshopex on a daily basis, to give my money back... Ohh, almost forgot, they charge $11usd in order to get a refund and of course, the cost to send the package back has to be paid by the customer!!

I really hope this review helps you if you are about to work with globalshopex. I wish I looked for reviews before buying because the only reviews I've read so far are bad experiences.
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