Custom template to arrange item options

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Custom template to arrange item options

Postby Mortice Deadlock » Mon Mar 24, 2003 4:04 pm

Hi all - I've only started using ShopSite (quite neat so far!) so sorry if
this is a 'dumbo' question but I can't find any solution from the help (if
there is one).

I can see how I can use a custom product template to manipulate how the
product appears to the customer, but I'd like to modify the data from where
the customer specifies the product options to what's added into the database
when they click 'add to cart'.

For instance, ideally I'd like to present several edit boxes to the user,
then when they 'add to cart', programmatically format that data (javascript
would be fine) into the options (and custom text entry box contents?).

Such as, a drop-down list of countries, and one of cities, and logic to
change the city list as the country list changes, but when the user adds to
cart, preselect a single option list defined for the product that includes
the countries and cities. If you see what I mean...

I guess I can use a product template to hide the options drop-downs, then
javascript to poke the right values into those options from my own

Or is there an easier way? Any suggestions gratefully received...
Mortice Deadlock

Postby 911policegear » Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:55 pm

Any luck with using a template to hide the ordering options on the product page? That is exactly what I would like to do, and only have them working and visable on the more info page? Appreciate any information you have! Thanks!!
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