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ALT tags for custom templates

Postby lneibauer » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:27 pm

I don't know if everyone knew this but I was trying to improve our SEO by inserting ALT tags for our images and I assumed the image discretion field was the ALT text information for the image. It is and it is not. there are a few undocumented Shopsite tags that I did not know about so you can create ALT tags based on those image descriptions

[-- Product.GraphicDesc --] is the tag for the main product image description
[-- Product.MoreInformationGraphicDesc --] - is the tag for the more information page image description
[-- Product.MoreInfoImageDescX --] is the tag for the additional more informational page images. Where the 'X' is just replace the images number 1-15

If took some digging and some called to Lexicon but it does work.

Hope this helps other people.

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