Publish files not updating

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Publish files not updating

Postby BBox » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:40 am

I'm using custom templates and having some issues publishing the necessary css files. I have uploaded all the necessary files to the appropriate dialogs under "Custom templates" in the admin interface, including template files (for the shopping cart), include files, and publish files. Originally I could not get the template to display properly, because I did not know I had to go to Utilities > Publish > Regenerate in order to update the publish files. Once I did that, it worked fine.

Fast forward a few hours, and I have a change that I need to make to one of the publish files, named bbox.css. I make the change in my editor, upload the file again to the publish dialog, and once again regenerate the site. But when I view the shopping cart, it is still using the old version of bbox.css, shown by using Chrome's Inspect tool. However, when I go back to the back office and "Edit publish file" for bbox.css, it shows the newer version, including my edits. Repeated "regenerating" does not fix this discrepancy.

I also deleted bbox.css from the publish file list, regenerated the site, and still the site was using an old version of bbox.css. This seems silly, if a forced regeneration cannot actually refresh the publish files. Any idea what's going on?

*If it's helpful, this is SS 12 SP3.
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Re: Publish files not updating

Postby cyoung » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:14 pm

It is very likely that the browser is caching the old version of the .css file, even though it is updated on the server. Browsers will tend to hang onto .css and .js files in their cache longer than regular HTML pages, I guess assuming that these files change less frequently.

Sometimes you can hold down Shift while hitting the refresh button, or Shift-F5. Those are supposed to force a refresh, but I have seen times where it still doesn't in Chrome. Sometimes opening a new Incognito window is the best way, since each new incognito window uses it's own cache.
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