Product Reviews Scrolling Load

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Product Reviews Scrolling Load

Postby TangoHerbs » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:16 pm

I'd like to load the product review in their entirety on the more info page sorted by date.

I can achieve that with jQuery and inject the contents of the "Read All Review" pop out with ajax, but it only loads the first 10. Is there a way to disable the scrolling pagination to where all of the review are loaded at once.

I'm open to other methods. The end goal being able to load all the product reviews for a product directly on the more info page sorted by date, from newest to oldest.

Thank you!

Sample of what I'm talking about:

Code: Select all
readReviewLink = 'http'+$('a.reviews_read_reviews_link').attr('onclick').split('http')[1].split("'")[0] ;
            success: function(data){
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