Boot Two Preferences > Layout Settings nothing changes

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Boot Two Preferences > Layout Settings nothing changes

Postby ZASales » Sun May 12, 2019 10:29 am

Trying to change header colors and using Preferences > Layout Settings does nothing. They are are all set to white with field color 5 set to #FFFFFF.

I'm trying to use header template 11 that I saw in the list and I've updated the include Bootstrap-Two-CustomTheme.sst
(# Header Variation Number 1 through 14. You can view different variation layouts at:[-- VAR.HeaderNum "11" --]#"

Nothing is changing, colors on the pages are completely static.

Any ides?

I also noticed that having the "Include page header" unchecked on pages and layout preferences makes no difference. It's like shopsite is ignoring all the stuff I can change in the preferences section...

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Re: Boot Two Preferences > Layout Settings nothing changes

Postby cyoung » Tue May 14, 2019 9:40 am

Colors - They are changed for me. It could be that your CSS is cached so you don't see the changes. You could test in a private or incognito window which would pull in the latest CSS and not use cached CSS in the browser.

Header - Note, the "custom theme" include file is only used if color field 5 is set to white, so I have changed it from "000009" to "FFFFFF". That allows you to specify the settings in the custom theme include. The header layout has changed. Also, the "display page header" on pages is only for displaying/not displaying the "page header" field itself under Preferences > Layout Settings. It won't hide all header elements (company logo, search field, etc).

Custom Theme - Many CSS styles are removed for the custom theme so you will want to add your own CSS in the bb-custom.css include file.
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