Two Part Element Question

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Two Part Element Question

Postby tmlogo » Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:17 am

Right now I am using the Top, Left, and Bottom navigation links. The output is making the left links (with the search box above them) too wide on larger screens. Where can I adjust the percentage of the left links in relation to the main content to the right?

In addition, is there a way to make the images for a carousel smaller. They come out huge on a larger monitor.

One last thing, how can I change the color of the links in the navigation area.. i.e. teal for the left, white for the bottom, etc. I was able to change the top ones directly through the backend.

Thanks, hopefully these are the last of my questions. :wink:
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Re: Two Part Element Question

Postby ShopSite Lauren » Wed Jun 22, 2022 6:47 pm

It depends on what template/theme you are using.

Left Links - in most themes the left area is percentage based. In order to change this percentage you would need to adjust the template itself.

Smaller Carousel - some themes (such as themes using the BB templates) have an alternate page template called something along the links of "-.sst". If you are using one of these themes, you can go to Page > Edit Page Layout, and change the template. If you are not using one of these themes, you would want to make a copy of the template you are using (Merchandising > Custom Templates > Copy ShopSite Template). Name it whatever you want. Then, edit that template...find something along the lines of [-- INCLUDE -.sst PROCESS --] or [-- INCLUDE -.sst PROCESS --] (the - is the name of the template set), and move that tag inside the main content area (probably just above the <h1>[-- PAGE.Name --]</h1> tag area). Then select your new template as the template for the home page (Pages > Edit Page Layout).

Link Color - this also depends on the theme. All themes use the colors differently. Try changing the various colors under Preferences > Layout Settings. There are basic page colors (background color, link color, etc), and if you scroll down lower on the page there are extra colors (color 1, color 2). Don't change color 5, but all other colors can be adjusted to see what they affect on the site. Note, if there are CSS changes, you may need to view your site in an incognito window to view the changes because your browser may have cached the CSS file with the previous color settings.
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