Site Owner Store That Allows Overrides

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Site Owner Store That Allows Overrides

Postby Swine » Wed Sep 22, 2021 8:03 am

I'll try to describe this as best I can.

What would be extraordinarily helpful is to have a way for us as the store owner to have access to using the website to actually take orders over the phone. We get a lot of phone orders from folks who can't or don't use the internet. Ideally, we'd have our own custom view of the online store.

I know what you're thinking. Why not just access the regular web store and process the order through that? Good question. That's because we publish a magazine and print ads for our products in the magazine. A lot of our readers go to order merchandise by phone (or snail mail) from those ads. And because we never know what combination of products a customer might order, we just have to estimate shipping costs so we can publish them in the ads. If we had our own "corporate" view of the store my hope is that it would allow us to override certain settings, like shipping, for instance. Instead of the site automatically figuring shipping based on what's in the cart, we could put total shipping at $5.00 (or whatever the ad had said the shipping would be), and process the customer's order.

Sorry, I feel like I'm struggling to say this clearly. Here I go: A customer store as we already have, AND an in-house store that we have a bit more control over so we can process phone and mail orders.
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Re: Site Owner Store That Allows Overrides

Postby cyoung » Fri Sep 24, 2021 1:48 pm

There is more than one method of doing what you have described. It would require either ShopSite Manager or Pro versions. Depending on your preference you can use one or more of the options listed below.

1. You can create a Variable product, in Manager or Pro, that is set to not charge shipping. When you add the product you can configure Variable price, name, SKU, and weight. Then use this variable product to add the phone order through the site. (Products> Add or Edit Product info> Variable Price> and under Shipping Information> No Shipping Charges>) (Note: using the variable price, and name field for a product, you can add a seperate line item for shipping at whatever their cost needs to be.
Variable Price Variable pricing allows your customers to specify the price of a product, and optionally the product name and SKU, too. Variable pricing works well with auction payments, where the price of the item is determined by the high bid. It can also be used for donations or gift certificates, where customers can enter the amount they want to give.
Note: ________________________________________
The Mondrian, Lefty, Matte, Top Notch, and Plain themes do not support variable pricing. Turning on variable pricing will not have any effect in these themes.
Variable Pricing Check this box to enable variable pricing for this product. On your store\222s pages, the product price will be replaced by a text box the customer can fill in with the amount they want to pay. That amount will be compared with the product price (above), and will not be accepted if it is lower than the product price. You cannot put a variable price product on sale.
Variable Name If you have enabled Variable Pricing, you may also check this box to let customers enter their own name for the product.
Variable SKU If you have enabled Variable Pricing, you may also check this box to let customers enter their own SKU for the product.
Variable Weight If you have enabled Variable Pricing, you may also check this box to let customers enter their own weight for the product.
2. In a Pro store you could create a free shipping coupon, that you apply only to phone orders. (Merchandising> Coupons> Add Coupon>)

We hope this information is helpful.
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