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User Account Control

Postby koryb1 » Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:40 am

Just a feature request to allow more granular control over the access levels of our different user accounts. The default User Roles are a nice start, but there are use cases that they don't often fit. Some examples:

1. For an outside developer, the User Role Content Management sort of fits. However, there are areas I may want them to have access to that this role doesn’t cover, such as Order System to edit the look and content of our checkout process and abandoned cart / thank you emails (just one example, there are other areas that have edit spots I may want a designer/developer to have access to as well).

2. For our store staff, the Order Process and Fulfillment roles deal with getting the orders out primarily but don't give them much access to customer service tools. For instance, they can't change a customer's password or check on a customer's Rewards balance. We get requests like this all the time and only me as the Admin can handle them which doesn’t seem necessary.

3. I have store managers that I would like to start trusting to take on more responsibilities such as disabling a product when we run out of stock (we don't use Inventory Tracking on ShopSite), changing a product price, rotate Cross Sell products, create new Coupons, approve Product Reviews, etc. I don't want to give them Admin access but I want them to have more than the other User Roles allow.

It would be great if there was granular control over all the areas so that we can create custom access. We all run our businesses differently and not all our users will fit into the 5 roles that are offered. Of the features listed at, it would be great if we could simply check on/off those that we want our users to have access to one at a time, getting away from just the pre-defined roles.

Thanks for considering!
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Re: User Account Control

Postby kylesmp » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:30 pm

This was exactly what I was just typing in a post and figured I would look if one was already posted. This is definitely a need of many and myself. I just installed the new user accounts feature in hopes of this but the user roles are too broad to allow what we need it to do. We are actually looking to setup user roles for remote developers to where all they can do is add products to the site and only edit the products they have added (with the ability for us to exclude past products they have added). This way we can hire outside developers to add products to our website and not be in fear that they may accidentally delete a template, or products/pages from the site.
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Re: User Account Control

Postby koryb1 » Thu Apr 28, 2022 2:09 pm

Just wanted to bump this thread back up.

I am really trying to delegate some of our ShopSite administration to our staff, but what the platform currently allows is VERY limited unless I give them Admin privileges which I don't want to do.

The Help Page for User Roles hasn't been updated since 2010, and it also has a bad link at the bottom, so it's apparent that this area/need hasn't been reviewed in quite some time.

It would be amazing if ShopSite could take a fresh look at User Roles and access privileges and update it with a more robust solution.

Thanks in advance!

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