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Product Review Email Management

Postby koryb1 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:35 am

I would like to suggest that product review emails need to have some management features to them. Specifically, if a customer cancels an order they should never receive a review request email. Similarly, if an order is delayed the customer shouldn't receive the request email before their product even arrives. Both situations can easily offend a customer.

To combat this, we should be able to see the list of scheduled emails and be able to either delete them or adjust the delivery date. Lexiconn's Review Module offers this functionality - it's an outgoing email "queue" that shows the list of all upcoming messages, from which we can delete specific messages before they are sent or edit the delivery date.

Lexicon's Review templates are unfortunately not Responsive and I'm told further development on that tool has been suspended now that some of the Review functionality is built into ShopSite.

Thanks for considering.
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