ordering products by units in stock

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ordering products by units in stock

Postby gourmetdelights » Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:26 pm

Would it be possible to dynamically order products on pages by the number of units in stock?

This way products with the most in inventory would be at the top of pages, and as people buy, out of stock products fall down to the bottom of the page.

No doubt it cannot be real time resorting, but with the next publish it would happen automatically vs me needing to go in and renumber the products to drop out of stock to the bottom of all pages.

Product A 10 units
Product B 8 units
Product C 4 units
Product D 1 unit

Then someone buys 3 Product A and 4 Product C so upon republishing the website the page then looks like:

Product B 8 units
Product A 7 units
Product D 1 unit
Product C 0 units

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