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facebook shopping

Postby Dan » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:36 pm

I recently installed an i-frame on my Facebook page and this got me thinking about selling through an iframe. Would it be possible to set up facebook product/page templates in addition to the standard website product/page templates? This would enable a merchant to select one product template to display on his website and a facebook template to display via i-frame on facebook. The facebook product templates could be optional and built in to the existing product template [that includes the product page information, more information page, etc.]. The page templates would operate as they currently do. This would also enable those of us with the know-how to configure our own custom templates.

As products are created, the merchant could assign the product to his website pages and facebook pages independently.

Why is a new template needed for a facebook iframe?

Because you would want to bring users back to your site to securely gather payment and shipping information. Providing more information pages could also reside on the store website. Links to the store site [originating from the facebook iframe] would need to use a target="_blank" to break out of the iframe. But you would want product links within the site to remain in the same window. A merchant may also want to include other information or functionality on Facebook that wouldn't be wanted or needed on the store site.

In addition, the latest content width on a facebook page is only 485 px, so a merchant might want to change the product layouts to fit better on the page.

Assigning an additional template to one product would be better than copying products to use separate templates. Two products, for example, can't reference the same sku or share the same name, and inventory tracking would be impossible.

I am interested to hear your response to this suggestion.
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Re: facebook shopping

Postby ShopSite David » Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:50 pm

ShopSite v11 was just released and has added a Facebook Store feature in ShopSite Pro which does use an iFrame. More information can be found in the help doc:
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Re: facebook shopping

Postby Trk13 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:08 pm

I personally think that people nowadays prefer shopping on Facebook as well because it is a great medium for the customers as well as businesses to get connected. I also have launched a new eCommerce Store and I think that facebook ads services will definitely help me get good number of sales.
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