Additional Fields in Advanced Product Options

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Additional Fields in Advanced Product Options

Postby doddsco » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:30 pm

I’m writing to request an enhancement to ShopSite. We're having Nextopia add some more robust search capabilities to our site, but we’re running in to a pretty good sized roadblock relating to the conversion of shoe sizes between U.S, U.K., European, and Unisex sizes. For example, the industry standard European size 41 is the equivalent of a women’s US 10 or a men’s US 8. Currently there is no way for us to populate this conversion data into ShopSite. To make matters worse some shoe companies say their size 41 is a women’s 10.5 or a men’s 9. Here’s another example: We have one slipper company that says their medium size is a men’s 9-10. Another company’s medium is a men’s 10.5-11.

It has dawned on me that there are likely a number of industries, including mine, that could greatly benefit from a couple of extra fields within ShopSite’s advanced menu options. These extra fields would function much like the “Extra Product Field 1,2,3…” already built into ShopSite, but would allow much greater flexibility on an individual size/color basis. The extra fields could be located next to the weight and price modifiers. For us, these fields would allow us to populate the vendor’s official size conversion for both men and women – and make those conversions searchable. For others, it could be used to convert between imperial measurement and metric, conversion between color families, conversions between adult and kids sizes, or hundreds of other possibilities. I think having 2 or 3 extra fields in the advanced menu options would give a lot of ShopSite customers a great deal of flexibility to create more powerful website designs.
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