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Ordering Options - Append SKU #

Postby enigmarsi » Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:06 pm


I've seen this request posted several times on this forum but I thought I'd post my own version in hoping by simplifying it, we would get this VERY important feature included.

I propose that we use the ordering options in ShopSite with the additional enhancement of appending characters to the Product SKU #.

Here's an example:

Product Name: Shirt
SKU: sh1234

Has the following ordering options:
- Color
-- Red
-- Blue
-- Yellow

-- Small
-- Medium
-- Large

Currently with the ordering options we can apply price modifications to each ordering option, that's what I feel needs to be done with SKU#s as well.

An example of how this could be implemented is like this:
Red (-$0.15);-0.15;-rd

Small (+$0.45);+0.45;sm
Medium (+$0.65);+0.65;med
Extra Large;;xl

The SKU # addition is defined by adding it after the second ";". When the product is added to the shopping cart, all selected ordering options are appended to the original SKU #, in the order that they appear.

In the example that someone adds a Yellow, Extra Large shirt, the SKU # passed would be "sh1234-ylxl"

I've looked at other posts and they are start simple but then become quite difficult projects for ShopSite to implement. Although all those features are very good and I would love to see a lot of them integrated, I think our best chances of having this absolutely critical feature built-in for the next release is to keep it as simple as possible. Please show your support by posting to this thread.

The main reason this feature is required is to allow easy integration with order fulfillment software and keeping the sub-products feature free for cross-promoting other products.

Hoping to see this feature in the next release of ShopSite.

Eamon Rodeck
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