Ability to add a premium or discounts to shipping options

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Ability to add a premium or discounts to shipping options

Postby specialtygraphics » Sun Sep 11, 2011 12:44 pm

We are requesting the ability to add a premium OR a discount to INDIVIDUAL shipping options.

Let me illustrate our currently problem with how ShopSite shipping is set up and what we would like it to be:

Current Situation:
We offer the following shipping methods in our store:

FedEx (real time Ground and Express services using List Prices)
UPS (real time Ground and Express services using List Prices)
USPS Priority Mail (real time rates)
Customer Pickup (needs to remain at 0 all the time)
Free Ground shipping for orders over $199.

Both UPS and FedEx give us excellent rates which we would like to PARTIALLY share with our customers. In the Admin FedEx settings we can choose to use either the List Rates or our Contract Rates to determine the real time rates....nothing in between. For UPS, we only have the option to use the List rates even though they give us excellent discounts also.

Right now, we only have the ability to INCREASE the shipping cost by using the Handling Fee option. We really don't want to increase the already high List Rates but the problem that I have with it is that it adds the Handling Fee to ALL the shipping options including Customer Pickup (which needs to stay at 0) and Priority Mail (which we want to remain at the actual real time rate).

Here is the shipping control that we NEED and are requesting from Shopsite:

FedEx and UPS: We would like the ability to discount the real time list rate by a percentage...say 10%-20% depending on the shipping method selected. For instance, we may want to discount ground services by 10% off list or express services by 20% off list. This way, we can partially share our discounted rates that FedEx and UPS gives us.

On the flip side, the same thing could be accomplished by adding a premium percentage to our Contract Rates. We would then set ShopSite to add a 10% premium to ground services and 20% to express services. The only problem with this solution right now is that we only have the ability to use the Contract Rates for FedEx services and not UPS....not really sure why this is.

The Customer Pickup option would be set so it remains at 0% premium/discount so the total discount would remain at 0.
The USPS Priority Mail option would also be set to 0% premium/discount so the real time rates would display.

Customers today are VERY conscience of the shipping costs and we need to be able to have a lot more control over the shipping costs that are being displayed. The ability to offer free shipping is not good enough. I am convinced that we would see our sales go up by at least 10%-15% if ShopSite provided us with more control over the individual shipping options and rates displayed.

Thank you
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