Discount om UPS, Fedex fpr air

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Discount om UPS, Fedex fpr air

Postby invitation » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:05 pm

There needs to be a place to put discounts for air service foe Fedex and UPS air. There are plenty of discounts for air available to merchants and none for ground. So discount have to be seperate. There is also no way to give a partial air discount.
There is also no way for customer to integrate commercial or residential deliver to: location for delivery which cost $3.00
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Re: Discount om UPS, Fedex fpr air

Postby specialtygraphics » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:38 pm

Lack of control over shipping is one of our biggest gripes about ShopSite. Why is it that we are given the option to use our account rates for FedEx but not for UPS? We also need the ability to add a discount or premium to INDIVIDUAL shipping options...not across the board "handling fees". We would also like to control the text for the shipping options that appears to the customers. Right now we ship primarily using FedEx services. We ship to both residential and commercial customers but we cannot activate the "FedEx Ground" option for commercial customers because there is nothing in place to prevent a residential customer from choosing the lower "FedEx Ground" rate instead of the higher "FedEx Home Delivery" option. As a result, everyone pays the residential rate but the text appears as "FedEx Home Delivery" which rightly concerns many of our commercial customers. It would be nice if we could select the underlying service as "FedEx Home Delivery" but change the text that appears during checkout to something like "FedEx Ground (delivery in 1-4 days)".

Shipping costs are one of the major determining factors that customers look at to determine if they want to place an order with a company or not. We need a lot more control over shipping to ensure that we will not lose an order because of outrageous or confusing shipping options.
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Re: Discount om UPS, Fedex fpr air

Postby Bearwood » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:54 pm

I agree with an earlier request stating "We also need the ability to add a discount or premium to INDIVIDUAL shipping options..." rather than a blanket increase/discount applied to all services.
In our particular case we would like to subsidize the discount for UPS ground to our customers but not the UPS air services.

The ability to simply enter the discount/increase you want for the rate returned for each available service should provide all the flexibility most merchants require.

At the moment we are not getting our UPS account rates in Shopsite but that would not matter as we know the discount we get off listed rates for each service.

We are very happy with Shopsite and appreciate how it keeps improving. This is one of the few issues we have had and hope that it can be addressed soon.

Thank you for providing this forum
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