Order anywhere should include https:// option

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Order anywhere should include https:// option

Postby oceanbreezes101 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:54 am

I have a secure website. So when I added the order anywhere buttons, the user is now being prompted and given the choice of viewing only the secure portion showing 404 errors where the Shopsite order anywhere buttons should be. Or everything works great if the user decides to view unsecure Shopsite order anywhere buttons. It really gives Shopsite a poor image to the average user.
There should be a simple solution to this, however Shopsite doesn't offer one -
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Re: Order anywhere should include https:// option

Postby Jim » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:10 am

The url used for Order Anywhere links is what is configured in your store's authorization file. If you need it to be secure you will need to get a new authorization file.

However, there is no reason to have your store pages secure or the first page of the shopping cart. The shopper does not enter any thing on those pages that contains information specific to them. All having the urls secure is going to do is add extra processing time to the server your store is hosted on and extra download time for the shopper because all data transferred securely has to be encrypted on the server and unencrypted by the browser in order for it to be visible to the shopper.

When the shopper leaves the first shopping cart screen and goes to the billing screen where they enter billing information or to a customer registration screen, the screens will be secure and that is when they need to be secure since private information is entered. To have everything secure is a waste of time and resources.
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