"Make an Offer" box for items

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"Make an Offer" box for items

Postby specialtygraphics » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:01 am

We sell some expensive machines in our store in which we are not able to advertise for below a MAP price (minimum advertised price) set by the manufacturer. We can certainly sell the item for below the MAP we just can't advertise it.

It would be great if there was a way for a potential customer to "make an offer" for a price lower than the advertised MAP. Ideally we would be able to show the item's list price and then set a minimum acceptable price (not shown to the customer) for the item. As long as the customer's offer was at or over the minimum set price, the offer would be accepted.
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Re: "Make an Offer" box for items

Postby Jim » Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:42 am

You could do that with a variable price product and a custom template that doesn't display the regular price but instead uses one of the Custom product fields for the price being displayed.

The variable price product will not allow the item to be ordered if the price they enter is lower than the price that is set for the product. Since you don't want that price to be displayed you will need to use a custom field to contain the price that your are advertising. There would then be an input box where the shopper can enter the price they will offer and an add to cart button. When they enter their price and add the item to the cart there will be a message displayed if it is not above the actual price you entered for the product. (I believe this will require the Pro version of ShopSite so you have the variable price option.) There are a couple of product templates that use the variable price product that you could use as a starting point for creating your template, I believe they are donations.sst and invoice.sst but the spelling might be a little different so just look at those and see how the variable price is done and then add a tag to display the MAP price using the custom field where you enter that value..
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