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Digital Download

Postby Devon » Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:06 pm

Yesterday, while trying to send a download link to a customer, I accidentally sent him the wrong file. He received $300 in free software because of my mistake.

My request: On the page where we input the customer email to send a download link, the heading right now reads "Send Digital Download Keys". Could you please add the file name that's being downloaded? It would give us the opportunity to do one more check to make sure we're sending the correct file. I can't believe it's a difficult change and it would be so helpful! Right now there is zero helpful information on that page.

Also - I saw that we should look for prior requests before sending one, and I found this enhancement request from 2006 - It was never responded to, but I'd like to expand it. Is it possible for a record to be made when we send a download link? Either send me a copy of the email that is sent, or just create a text file of what files are sent, and to whom? Without any record, it's my word (and my memory) against the client.

While I'd love to know if a download is made, I have a feeling that's not possible. But if it could be recorded, it would be appreciated.

(I'm using ShopSite® Pro 11 sp2 r4.2)

Thank you!

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Re: Digital Download

Postby Jim » Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:29 pm

Thanks for the input. We generally do not comment on enhancement requests but they are looked at when we consider features to add to new versions.

If a response is made to an enhancement request on the forum it is generally to explain how the requested feature might already be accomplished or to ask for additional information.
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