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Unable to configure shipping

Postby gnelson » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:49 pm

Hello, I'm a new user to ShopSite. I'm down to basically getting shipping setup. I went with the Flat Base + Each option. It seems closest to what I was getting with Etsy. There's a couple of problems I've run into:

1. I wanted to just use USPS; however, it only displays the Priority Mail pricing. No matter what else I check, I don't see the shipping options appear with pricing on the cart page. I just want First Class Package and Priority Mail options for US customers.

2. When I configured for international shipping, now I have no way of stopping my pre-configured shipping options from showing up. So now my custom USPS Flat Rate Package and USPS Priority Mail package rates are showing up alongside the international ones and they're, of course, cheaper. I can see a lot of people thinking they can get away with that.

What am I doing wrong? There's no tutorials on setting this up and I'm getting frustrated to the point of abandoning it.
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Re: Unable to configure shipping

Postby ShopSite David » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:14 am

One of our techs says:
1) Priority Mail is USPS's main package shipping option. The others have
specific rules that have to be met for those options to show up, for
example the First Class options have very low upper weight limits. And
the First Class Mail, Media Mail, and Library Mail rates will only be
returned from USPS if those USPS container types are selected for the
products in the products' settings. The 'Retail Ground' option is only
available to certain USPS 'zones' (5 through 8) that are further away
from the merchant's location.

2) The manually configured rates will show up for all shoppers
regardless of their location. If they want to disable those and only go
with the real-time rates that are based on the location provided by the
shopper, then they can set the 'ShopSite Shipping' radio button to
'None' and leave only the USPS option enabled.
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