Adding Accessories to Parent Products on a Large Scale

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Adding Accessories to Parent Products on a Large Scale

Postby kylesmp » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:21 pm

Hi there,

We have a fairly large site with a few thousand products. One of the most dreadful experiences is when we add a new product to our site which we also want to add as an accessory (subproduct) to its parent. We sell a very accessory dependent product (sewing machines) where if we add a sewing machine needle, we need to add that needle to a few hundred sewing machine products. So what we have to do is add the new product (a sewing needle) and then go 1 by 1 into each sewing machine and assign the new product as an accessory (subproduct). What would be great is a reverse subproduct menu inside products where if you go to a product you can open up a menu similar to the assign to pages menu (except for with a filter/search) and choose all the parent products this product should get assigned to as an accessory (subproduct). This would save so much time for us and anyone that has a lot of accessories.
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Re: Adding Accessories to Parent Products on a Large Scale

Postby cyoung » Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:57 am

Utilities> Database> Download and Upload> You can see the database format by downloading the products and looking at the way other products with subproducts are configured. Then setup the new product/subproducts the same way. Put in your list of the assigned sub products separated by |, you can use the name, the SKU or both with the form [product name]~SKU (need the ~ between the product name and SKU. Note: that there is no add or remove subproducts so the full list of subproducts needs to be included for each product uploaded.
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