Questions on the Cookbook for Google Analytics Enhanced

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Questions on the Cookbook for Google Analytics Enhanced

Postby Rgkopchak » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:23 pm

Two quick questions. 1) In the screen grab, there are only three funnel steps listed. Am I correct in thinking there should be a fourth called "Thank You"? And are those the exact name we should use (ie, "Shopping Cart Screen")? " Google says, "Create labels for the checkout-funnel steps you identified in your ecommerce tracking code." So I want to get it right!

Also, in the code listed to copy and paste into the include file is:

Code: Select all
[-- ELSE_IF VAR.SubType "thankyou" --]ga('ec:addProduct', products);ga('ec:setAction', 'checkout', {'step': 4});ga('ec:setAction', 'purchase', {
  'id': ss_ordernum,
  'affiliation': '',
  'revenue': ss_ordertotal,
  'tax': ss_taxtotal,
  'shipping': ss_shiptotal

affiliation is listed as '' that can't be correct, can it?

edit: Also, as I am trying to get tracking in adwords set up, I am seeing this instruction:

Code: Select all
Copy the 'config' command below and add it to every instance of the global site tag, right above the </script> end tag. Consider updating the comment line in your tag to include your conversion ID.
gtag('config', 'AW-ACCOUNTNUMBERHERE');

I've been poking around, but I can't seem to find which include is including the google analytics code, so I can add this bit.

Lastly, the ad words conversion tracker is telling me to Copy the snippet below and paste it in between the <head></head> tags of the page(s) you'd like to track, right after the global site tag. I'm guessing I would only want this on the final checkout page. Is that possible? And where is says "value" I'd sub the "1.0" for ss_ordertotal, correct? and transaction id would become ss_ordernum?

Code: Select all
  gtag('event', 'conversion', {
      'send_to': 'AW-ACCOUNTNUMBERHERE/mJUdCI-xxqsBEOWQ_eAD',
      'value': 1.0,
      'currency': 'USD',
      'transaction_id': ''

I know this is a lot, thanks for the assistance in advance! I did some searching around the forum, but couldn't find anything that seemed to address these issues specifically.
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Re: Questions on the Cookbook for Google Analytics Enhanced

Postby ShopSite Lauren » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:39 pm

Fourth Step
No you do not need to include the "thank you" step, since that is the completion page. You only need to list the steps up until the order completion.

You will want to change "" to instead list your website URL.

You are actually turning off the regular ShopSite google analytics code (merchandising > google > analytics), and instead using the code in the cookbook file. You can add your adwords code to the code in the INCLUDE file you are setting up, GA-EnhancedEcommerce.sst.

Conversion Tracking
Yes, you would add that code on the thank you screen, directly in the template (Merchandising > Custom Templates > Shopping Cart). Yes, the javascript variables you mentioned are correct. You would include them without the quotes:

gtag('event', 'conversion', {
'value': ss_ordertotal,
'currency': 'USD',
'transaction_id': ss_ordernum
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