Colorado retail fee

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Colorado retail fee

Postby johnbiggs » Tue May 31, 2022 1:13 pm

So Colorado are implementing a retail fee charge on each ecommerce order.
Does shopsite have a patch planned to enable us to implement a set amount charge for Colorado orders ON TOP of percentage tax rates?
Or is there already something available that will enable us to do that specifically for those orders, and also record them?
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Re: Colorado retail fee

Postby ShopSite David » Fri Jun 03, 2022 4:58 pm

We are waiting to hear back from the AvaTax folks to see if they handle it in their system. But there is a way in ShopSite Pro with some JavaScript to do it if you are using a real-time shipper like USPS, UPS, etc. where the zip code is displayed on the shopping cart screen.

In Commerce > order system > Shopping cart
in the Surcharge Pull-down add:
No Delivery Charge
Colorado Delivery Charge;+0.27

In the Text at the bottom of the Shopping Cart screen add:
<script>{let f=document.order,$=ss_jQuery;if(f.zip_code){let colorado_check=function(e){console.log('colorado check');let s=f.querySelector('[name="shipoptmenu:0"]'),v=((/^(80[0-9]{3}|81[0-6][0-9]{2})/.test(f.zip_code.value))&&s.querySelector('option:nth-child(2)')||s.querySelector('option:nth-child(1)'));$('#col-tax-label').text(v.innerText);s.value=v.value;};f.addEventListener('submit',colorado_check);f.zip_code.addEventListener('change',colorado_check);$('[name="shipoptmenu:0"]').hide().before($('<div id="col-tax-label"></div>'));colorado_check();}}</script>
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Re: Colorado retail fee

Postby lneibauer » Wed Jun 29, 2022 7:13 am

Thanks David, I have been doing some testing on our sandbox site and this works well. We only ship items to Colorado because our shop in in Pennsylvania. is there a way to modify the script to automatically implement the fee based on a Colorado zip code? as well as the script works, it still requires the customer to be honest and as retailers we all know most customers will try and get away with anything they can. :D. I am not a javascript programmer so I would need some assistance.

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Re: Colorado retail fee

Postby jrasmussen » Fri Jul 01, 2022 9:13 am


It sounds like you have a problem with the javascript like it wasn't copied correctly. It is all supposed to be in one line but the browser inserts some line breaks that would cause errors. Here is a better formatted javascript to be put into the "Text at the bottom of the Shopping Cart screen" field on the Commerce > Order System > Shopping cart Configuration screen:

<script>{let f=document.order,$=ss_jQuery;if(f.zip_code){
let colorado_check=function(e){
let s=f.querySelector('[name="shipoptmenu:0"]'),
$('[name="shipoptmenu:0"]').hide().before($('<div id="col-tax-label"></div>'));

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